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Gas Generator

About Digestive Gas Generated Power

The gas which is produced through sewage treatment is called digestive gas. And generating electricity using the gas is called Digestive Gas Generated Power.

It is produced in the digestion process of concentrated swage sludge (the process to decompose sewage using anaerobic microorganism, in order to reduce the amount of sewage and for its stabilisation), and its major components are methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
It can be used as fuel, and it is able to generate electricity by using a special engine which was converted from diesel-powered generator. Our skill and experience have the grate importance in adjusting fuel mechanism against the components.

Digestive Gas Generated Power

About Hydrogen Generator

The hydrogen generator is able to use by-product hydrogen, which is produced as by-product in the process of manufacturing, as energy.
Using this system, by-product hydrogen can be used effectively, and able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide at the same time.

y-product hydrogen