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Hydrogen Vehicle

A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as motive power.
Because hydrogen creates only water as waste product, it is gathering attention as pollution-free engine.

Hydrogen Vehicle 3 : Yamanashi Kotsu Co.,Ltd. - Hydrogen Bus

Example of Hybrid Vehicle 3:Yamanashi Kotsu Co.,Ltd. - Hydrogen Bus1 Example of Hybrid Vehicle 3:Yamanashi Kotsu Co.,Ltd. - Hydrogen Bus2

Yamanashi Kotsu Co.,Ltd. is now working on a 3 years project, which is organised by Ministry of the Environment, through FY2011-2013. For the demonstration experiment of the project, we designed and developed a bus based on the hydrogen engine bus of Tokyo City University. The bus was modified from Hino Liesse (KK-RX4JFEA), and it is loaded with 6 hydrogen tanks which is about 450L in total. Its seating capacity is 38 passengers.

It is the first case in Japan for a hydrogen engine bus to run as route bus. The bus will run around Kofu Station to study its economic viability.

Hydrogen Vehicle 2 : Tokyo City University - Hydrogen Hybrid Truck

Example of Hybrid Vehicle 2:Tokyo City University1 Example of Hybrid Vehicle 2:Tokyo City University2

The hydrogen hybrid truck was developed by Tokyo City University with the cooperation of Hino Motors, Ltd.
We were in charge of customising its engine, body, and registration process of the truck.
The truck is loaded with 4 hydrogen tanks, which is about 300L in total, and they are installed in the back of the cab.

Hydrogen Vehicle 1 : Tokyo City University - Hydrogen Bus

Example of Hybrid Vehicle 1:Hydrogen-Fueled Engine Bus

The research and development of the hydrogen bus was started in September 2007, together with Musashi Institute of Technology (currently Tokyo City University) and Hino Motors Ltd.

The bus was passed performance test of Japan Automobile Research Institute, and was received car registration plate from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in February 2009, and became the first hydrogen bus to drive public road in Japan.

Hydrogen-Fueled Engine Vehicle